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Seahawks 6th Round Pick: Tyler Schmitt

Schmitt is simply a very talented long snapper. No sex appeal here, but do I need to say...

Boone Stutz?

Nevertheless, as I said below, I can't get behind this pick. I think Ruskell is chasing it after the long snapper debacle last season. You want to learn from your mistakes, but not mistake the exception for the rule. Seattle suffered easily the worst LS play I've ever seen, and no one suffered more than Ryan Plackemeier. Now, Placks will again be nails and Seattle has picked up some field position. That's great, but adequate long snappers can be had in free agency.

The saving grace for this pick is that Schmitt is a real athlete. With his size and speed, I think he'll be able to fill out the special teams. He could be a Z string linebacker, too.

To finish this off, he never botched a snap in college. Is said to have .53 second release snap to punter, I'm cribbing this from BTW, as I didn't really research LSers, and played defensive end in high school. I don't know, he won't likely bust, but then, he's a long snapper.