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Seahawks 7th Round Picks: Justin Forsett, Brandon Coutu

Justin Forsett, RB, Cal

Basically, Forsett had decent production backing up Marshawn Lynch in Forsett's sophomore and junior seasons before having a pretty strong senior year, though on 305 touches. I'm going to have to look deeper into Forsett to offer much you can't find elsewhere, but his receiving ability intrigues. I put a huge emphasis on pass catching for a back, and Forsett has some of the better potential as a receiver in this year's draft. And, yes, Morris is likely the odd man out.

Brandon Coutu, K, Georgia

Unless I'm missing something, this is a wasted pick. Coutu once had a strong leg but has struggled with hamstring problems and lost critical distance on his kickoffs. Coutu is simply not an improvement over Mare. Really frustrating pick, even if this is the 7th round.

Okay, we'll have to wait and see who Seattle grabs as an NDFA, but unless I see a tackle in there somewhere, I'm prepared to knock them a grade just for that omission. I cannot understand how a team with a win now mentality fails to pick insurance for such and essential position, in such a deep tackle draft.

Preliminary Draft Grade: B-

I'm going to play my own Devil's Advocate for a second, before I get outside for a little bit. I think Seattle needs depth at tackle, I see it as a Need-need. I think that Holmgren's offense has always relied on good pass pro and that Walter Jones was the biggest factor in him signing with Seattle so long ago. But here's something to consider.

Walter Jones has missed 2 games because of injury since his rookie season. Health is a skill. Now, Jones has a chronic shoulder condition that's going to eventually end his career. And he suffers from a kidney condition that prohibits him from taking anything stronger than Tylenol, but...

I can't do it. It's madness. It's just too risky, too risky to not insure against your thinnest position, an essential position on any offense, in a historically deep tackle class. I'll tell you this, if Jones stays healthy all season, no matter if he holds his slightly inferior play from last year, it will be his finest season as a pro. Because, damnit, his team needs him like it never has. And legends do this kind of thing.

Make me believe Mr. Jones.

I need some fresh air. I'll check back when the NDFAs are announced.