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Scouting Report: Lawrence Jackson

My sources dried up so I had to bite the bullet and buy a subscription to CSTV. I've watched 4 games in detail, so you can look at that as sort of the sample size.

Skills are broken down from ++ to --. ++ are complete skills, pro ready. -- are glaring weaknesses. The kind of faults that can fell an otherwise top talent.


Awareness: Smart player. Very rarely fooled by screens or misdirection. Plugs holes, improvises stunts, maintains assignment but able to adjust and adjust correctly. Improves those around him.


Motor: Relentless in pursuit. Willing to chase Dennis Dixon 10 yards though clearly beat. Joins gang tackles. High effort snap to whistle.

First Step: Very good first step, not lightning fast, but enough to consistently gain an advantage. Enough speed to edge rush, but will not consistently challenge the edge.

Frame: Near prototypical build. Good, wide frame, long arms (33 6/8”), good height, high ceiling.

Agility: Smooth fast, moves quickly without “hustling”. Good round and diagonal speed.

Strength: Very powerfully built. Strong legs, strong arms, good core, rarely looks outmatched, rarely washed out of a play.

Hand fighting/Pass Rush Skills: Separates from blockers, doesn’t get “eaten up”. Elusive, moves through and away from garbage. Stays in the play.

Burst: Exploits alleys. When he has a step, explodes to the ball carrier.

Versatility: Played tackle and end.

·         Two Gap: Rare pass rushing end that is strong at occupying blockers, holding rushing lanes.

·         One Gap: Splits double teams, sheds blockers, gets penetrations and redirects plays. Sometimes gets washed out.


Tackling: Adequate wrap tackler. Doesn’t force many fumbles, but will attempt the strip.

Health: Not that he suffered injuries, only that he seems only marginal at protecting himself in traffic. Takes some spills. Protect your legs, bro.





Summary: When I think about Jackson, the comparison, somewhat oddly, that keeps coming to mind is Victor Martinez. The catcher. Not because they are anything alike athletically, but because both possess a broad base of above average skills. Jackson isn’t terrifically exciting, somewhat workmanlike really, but he’s very well rounded. Given his athleticism and frame, Jackson could easily develop into a very good run/pass defensive end and situational tackle.

Grade: B+

Good upside/downside.

Good match for the scheme.

Good fit for team needs.

Eminently Unsexy.