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Scouting Report: Justin Forsett

Skills are broken down from a ++ to --. ++ are complete skills, pro ready. -- are glaring weaknesses. The kind of faults that can fell an otherwise top talent.




Second Gear: Fleet 3-10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Break Tackle: By no means overpowering, but strong, keeps his legs moving and decidedly slippery. Tough to tackle, and able to quickly separate from defenders after breaking a tackle.

Discipline: Takes what is given. Doesn’t dance. Doesn’t take risky cutbacks.

Vision: Moves well through traffic. Reads second level defenses well and squirts through multiple linebackers.


First Gear: Adequate speed to get to the hole.

Agility/Cutting: Good feet, decent moves in the open field. Not explosive out of cuts.

Pass Blocking: Hardy pass blocker. Good repertoire. Occasionally gets run over or around.


Receiving: Competent, at best. Not a reliable receiver at anything but screens and flats. Catches the ball in his body. Decent redirect.

Third Gear: Virtually no ability to run away from defenders. Benefited  from outside blitzes, surprise draws and opposing defenses keying the pass. 11 runs of 20+ yards in 305 attempts.

Health: Plays hard, but gets hit hard. Absorbs a ton of impact. Plays like a power rusher.

Ball Security:



Summary: Forsett is definitely more skilled than talented. He played well against top rush defenses and it’s reasonable to think his game will translate to the pros. Unfortunately, he’s not particularly fast or elusive and his power rusher mentality opens him to a good deal of abuse. He rushes a bit like a very late career Edgerrin James.

Grade: C-

Mild downside.

Game should translate.

Slow, moderately agile.

Maxed out his skill set.