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Chauncey Washington Wakes Up

Chauncey Washington, my favorite back in this year's class, once projected to fall all the way out of the draft blew scouts doors off with a 4.35/40 at USC's pro day. I would take Washington straight up over Jonathan Stewart, given that Washington is sure to fall into the second day, it's a no contest. Washington was a top performer in a pro style offense, has everything you could possibly want in a back minus the top end speed, was a 5 star prospect exiting high school whose stock dropped because of a touch too much ambition in his academics and will make his next team (hopefully the Hawks, who have scouted him) very, very happy. Very.

Meanwhile, Sam Baker's stock may have finally fallen out of the first day. Running a 5.42/40 doesn't matter much at face value, but one must wonder how Baker fell from 5.09 at the combine to 5.42 at USC's pro day in just a couple of weeks. It certainly raises the specter of injury.