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Seahawks News Omnibus: Brotherhood of Blue and Green

Craig Terrill a big hit on stage, too

Local journalist love, like black holes love suck, athletes who also play music. Well, this comes close enough. Believe me, after clicking that link, you’ll wish it was a Rick Roll. Terrill teamed with Paul Allen’s band, Grown Men, to open for Seal, giving Puppetry of the Penis’s Simon Morley a night off to rest his instrument. Penis puppetry enthusiasts found the act lacked Morley’s grace but was suitably "scrotum clenching." There's no truth to reports Terrill attempted an improvised "Loch Ness Monster" during an Allen guitar solo.

Engram to sign autographs in Olympia next week

"Engram will be signing autographs and selling tickets from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on June 6 at Olympia's Red Lion Hotel."

Bobby Engram is using the event to bolster ticket sales for his Bobby Engram Celebrity Softball Game. Julian Peterson, Nate Burleson, Marcus Trufaunt, Leonard Weaver, Jordan Kent, Chris Cooper, Darryl Tapp and Kelly Jennings are all guaranteed participants. Proceeds benefit Odessa Brown Children's Clinic and the Engram Foundation. The image of Julian Peterson wielding a bat prevents ol’ Stencil from cracking wise.

Play-calling head coaches face unique challenges

Mike Sando writes about the 11 head coaches who still calls plays on offense. Among them, Mike Holmgren. Astute viewers will remember this rare glimpse into Holmgren’s genius during NBC's customary close up of the coaches play card.


Prop comedy. Carrot Top, put down that baby and eat your heart out.