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Seahawks News Omnibus: Rafka-esque

In the spirit of unnecessary suffering,  SNO (informer) offers Ryan Plackemeier, punter, deadly with the backspin kick, weight lifter, dead in the water with a torn pectoralis. Stick to the kicking, Ryan, the awesome guns can wait.

My Hero

LoJack Corporation is based in Massachusetts. If you want to sound authentic, you have to say every  "a" sound like you've just eaten goat shit. LoJack is supposedly the antithesis of "hijack". Um.

Seahawks first round pick Lawrence Jackson is a certified badass and another good guy to root for. End transmission.

Line working on new blocking scheme

Seattle's offensive line is moving to a "zone blocking" scheme. That is, they'll be blocking an area and not a specific defender. For those keeping score at home, you can tally another explanation for the Non-Alexander Reasons Seattle's Run Blocking No Longer Sucks:

Sims Lifting Weights

Mike Wahle

Mike Solari

...and now Zone Blocking

It rained.

Receivers Look Good

Receivers Look Bad

At least we can agree on the Rain thing.

So lustig!