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Seahawks News Omnibus: Oh Rocky!

Bernard Sacks the Justice System

"This represents him taking responsibility for what happened and taking steps to make sure it never happens again," said Jon Scott Fox, Bernard's attorney. "He really wants to put this behind him at this time."

If I remember correctly, "what happened" involved punching a young woman's head into a pane of glass.

Bernard's case will be dismissed if he abides by some pretty softball stipulations:

The order of continuance in Bernard's case stipulates he cannot have any criminal law violations for two years, he must comply with the terms of a no-contact order regarding the victim in this case. He must complete a domestic-violence treatment program and cannot possess any weapons. He also will undergo a drug-and-alcohol evaluation and comply with any treatment recommendations. He also must pay $400 in court costs.

No weapons? Damn. And he can't have any criminal violations for two years? Shoot, quite an achievement. In the immortal words of Chris Rock "What'ch you want? A cookie?"

In less depressing news, John Morgan did a podcast at Dynasty Rogues Radio talking about certain Seahawks fantasy prospects. In Troll speak, he's drinking the Julius Jones and John Carlson Kool-Aid. Hmmm...incapacitating.