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Football Explained: Seahawks 4-3 Explained (Play 2)

0:39 remaining in the 1st quarter

Seahawks up 10-0

Arizona ball, 1st and 10


The Cardinals are in a run formation. Offset I left, tight end left, 2 wide receivers (not pictured.) Top: Leonard Pope (TE), Mike Gandy (LT), Reggie Wells (LG), Allen Johnson (C), Deuce Lutui (RG), Levi Brown (RT). Kurt Warner (QB). Terrelle Smith (FB). Edgerrin James (RB).

Seattle is in a base 4-3, with Peterson playing strong, the linebackers shifted right and the second string tackle rotation in. LBs: Peterson, Tatupu, Hill. Line: Tapp, Green, Terrill,  Kerney.


Pope motions right. The Seahawks do not adjust.


At the snap: Tapp and Green stunt, Terrill moves hard right, so that all three defensive linemen are between the right "A" gap and the left "C" gap. Kerney runs with Pope, gives him a quick press and stops in a short zone right. Peterson edge rushes around the left offensive side. Smith moves up to block him. Tatupu trails, moving around the left tackle. Hill moves into a short curl zone.


Two seconds in: The Tapp/Green stunt, coupled with Terrill driving hard right, occupies the Cardinals left offensive line and most importantly left tackle Gandy. Smith engages Peterson, but Peterson threatens to break free. Warner feels pressured. Tatupu moves into the left "C" gap, but James does not engage. James, instead, holds back, awaiting Tatupu's pass rush. Tatupu, sensing he will not get to Warner before Warner can pass, sits in the C gap and bats down Warner's pass left. Hill is in position to make a play for the tumbling football, but watches it drop in front of him.


1. The Hawks' stunts occupy the left side of Arizona's line.

2. Kerney chucks Pope and sits in an underneath zone. Warner looks to his outlet receiver but determines him covered.

3. James does not engage Tatupu. Tatupu aborts his pass rush and sits in the left "C" gap, taking away Warner's lone passing lane. This is excellent awareness by Tatupu and the tip nearly causes a pick.

4. Hill fails to recognize the tip before it's too late. You can't expect Hill to nab the pick, but he certainly had the opportunity.