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Seahawks News Omnibus: Zorn in Short-Shorts

Here's a toothsome Update from the men with the pens.

Frank Hughes: Duckett is clearly the odd man out so far in the backfield. Reports are the once rare combination of size and speed is now just large. We'll wait until the preseason to pass judgment. Courtney Taylor is working from the flanker spot, don't be surprised if he's there week 1. And in his play of the day, Hughes describes Red Bryant's dispersal of Justin Forsett.

With rookie Justin Forsett running a sweep to the right, rookie defensive tackle Red Bryant came bursting through the line. Usually guys don't hit each other very hard in these practices, but Bryant came through so fast and collided with Forsett so violently that Forsett went right to the ground. He obliterated him, which predictably drew a lot of whoops from defensive players.

Looks like this Bryant kid is working out alright.

Danny O'neil: Despite Locklear starting, Floyd Womack got the nod at left tackle. We'll see if this carries into the preseason. Left Tackle Womack is a reoccurring character in one of my nightmares. Something about being buried under snow, Saint Augustine and an 8-pack of Old Style.

Mike Sando: Despite working for ESPN, Sando somehow continues to scoop his peers. Sando drops in with info about a sure sign Summer is near, a first Womack injury. This time the ever innocuous knee injury.

Womack wore a wrap on his knee after practice. He was walking without crutches. But given his long history of injuries, this wasn't what the Seahawks wanted to see on the first day of June camp. They could use him as insurance at every line position but center.

Makes you want to harp on the Hawks non-existent offensive tackle depth, but, y'know, I'll let another carry that torch.

. . .

Until the local media graces us with their training camp reports, I present the way we was.

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp 1981 (via bellamyvideo)

Updates to follow.