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Matt Millen May Have A Crayon Stuck In His Brain

I'm sure I received more than my share of eye rolls directed at my pre-draft coverage. Some cannot divorce themselves from the idea that an amateur blogger watching footage from archived television broadcasts, with nothing more than freely available information anyone with initiative can access could ever know more about the potential of a draft pick than professional scouts, backed by multi-million dollar budgets, with the most exclusive access attainable.


"Scouts tend to rely on the people at schools for their information," the source said.  "Those people — coaches, staff, etc. – generally have a vested interest in promoting their players.  It happens often that incidents get softened or swept away.

Shoot, guys, not to be a cack or anything, but if I was about to make a multi-million dollar investment in a player, I might, oh, I don't know...

Take 15 minutes and confirm his legal status.

Of course, dubious decisions about the character and potential of players is really the exception. I'm sure your average scout would never swallow the horseshit shoveled by college coaches.

San Diego scout circa 1998: I'm looking at this kid Leaf. Kid's definitely got the good face and a bubble I'd trade my daughter for, but he seems, how can I put this delicately, bat-shit crazy.

Mike Price: Kid's real fiery. Speaks his mind. Real natural leader. He's got Elway's passion and Unitas's infinite calm. Plus, he can throw a football threw the eye of a needle at fifty yards.

SDS: Shucks!

MP: I once saw him tunnel through the earth an' reappear in the end zone.

SDS: Zounds!

MP: And he freed the Israelites.

SDS: Boy, I could've sworn that I just saw Ryan crouched under the bleachers, muttering obscenities while feverishly clawing at his forearms, but mine eyes must deceive me, this kid's can't miss!