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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (11)

With the 11th overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, the Springfield Mudbones select...

John L. Williams, Florida

via jamd

Williams had perhaps the most unique skill set in team history. Playing in the fullback position, J.L. was certainly a devastating blocker. However, he was even better with the ball in his hands. In Seahawks history, only Steve Largent and Shaun Alexander have racked up more yards from scrimmage than John L., and he is still the 3rd leading receiver and the 4th leading rusher in team history.

The stats are very impressive, and the memories JLW conjures up are still as vivid as they were 20 years ago. In Chicago near the end of the '87 season, JLW scored on a 75-yard "middle screen" to silence a crowd who had expected only a celebration of Walter Payton's career, not a Bears defeat. Without JLW's efforts that day, the Seahawks would have missed the playoffs.

A year later in LA, JLW scored on the SAME EXACT PLAY... A 75-yard middle screen for a touchdown that effectively sealed Seattle's first ever AFC West title.

Even when teams should have seen him coming, John L. Williams had a knack for making big plays, and he'll be a fine addition to the Mudbones' offense.