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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (13)

With the 13th overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, the Skid Row Sliders select...

Dave Krieg, Milton

via Becky's Place

I feel a little guilty about taking Krieg here, because I don’t really like Krieg. That is, I never thought he was a great quarterback. Of course, that’s my single digit self talking and what does he know, snot nosed brat. Nevertheless, the drop-off from Krieg to Seattle’s next best quarterback—Zorn? Kitna? Moon? Freisz?—Probably Zorn, is pretty dramatic. Zorn played like a great future quarterbacks coach, cool, savvy and kinda lousy.

Krieg had his strengths. His career completion percentage (58.5) and quarterback rating (81.5) better Elway’s (56.9 and 79.9). He was mobile, accurate and all things considered durable--those "all things" being a true knack for getting sacked. Elway gets the better of Krieg here, leading the all-time sacked list 516 to Krieg’s 494, but 494 in nearly 2,000 fewer attempts. Like many mobile quarterbacks, Krieg didn’t know when to dump off. In his 12 seasons with Seattle, Krieg took a sack once every 11.5 attempts. In 1983, Krieg got knocked around for 39 sacks in 243 attempts. In 205 attempts, Zorn suffered 9. That was Krieg’s game, high risk, high reward. He took his lumps and fumbled a lot. His 153 ranks second in NFL history, behind only Warren Moon’s 161, but, you guessed it, Krieg needed 1,500 fewer attempts to reach such prodigious heights.

All that said, and maybe it’s easier to understand why Matt Hasselbeck went first overall now, even with the sacks, and in a more depressed offensive environment, Krieg’s 6.0 AY/A is not too far from Hasselbeck’s 6.4. Krieg was a good quarterback, sometimes great and easily the second best quarterback in team history. Now about that pass pro…