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Favre Requests Unconditional Release

The two most annoying things in the NFL, ESPN and Brett Favre, have teamed up to spawn the third most annoying thing in the NFL, the story entirely substantiated by an undisclosed source. Given the juicy details and Fav-RAY petting that concludes the story--


He appeared to be in excellent physical condition and threw the ball with ease, even throwing a football 50 yards "on a rope" with high school receivers. He has been throwing and running with the team for more than a month.

I'd guess the source to be Favre or Favre's agent, Snaky McCashRegister.

All due respect Packers fans, this makes a lot of sense. We've all known for some time the fact, the destiny, written in God's library that Bret Favre must die on the field, throwing a pick.

Anyway, here's hoping that wherever he lands he sucks. I've never been a Favre-hater, but one can stand only so much of  this circus sideshow--and I can't standz no mo!