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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (15)

With the 15th overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, DKSHFTF select...

Brian Blades, Miami

via JAMD

With our next draft pick, the DKSHFTF selects Brian Blades, WR, and notes that our team appears to be coalescing more around Seattle's past than present, but then again nostalgia is a kick in the pants. Brian Blades was my favorite Seahawk after Steve Largent retired, although I'm not sure I can exactly say why. He was just so doggone consistent from 1988-1998, and epitomized how Seattle was perceived through the media by being totally underrated against his peers. Blades lined up with such luminaries across him as Mike Pritchard and Paul Skansi and still managed to get open. While the end of his career was slightly marred by that whole gun incident (which he was acquitted on, I believe but am too lazy to look up), he managed to hold down second on the Seahawk career receiving list with 7620 yards to go along with 34 touchdowns. To give one more example of how good Blades really was, his career mainly spanned the time of QB darkness, that gap of time from Dave Krieg to Matt Hasselbeck encompassed by many QBs of extraordinary incompetence. Hats off to Blades, and welcome to the Fun Time Factory!