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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (34)

With the 34th overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, DKSHFTF select...

Kevin Mawae, LSU

via JAMD

With our next pick, Dave Krieg's Super Happy Fun Time Factory is proud to add another blocker to the mix, Kevin Mawae, C. When you think of the best offensive linemen in Seattle history, the first two are easy. Hutch and Big Walt. Yet few recall how good Kevin Mawae was, especially here. Yes, much of his later career has been spent with the Jets, where the additional media value helped push recognition of his talents into 6 straight Pro Bowl selections and 3 All-Pro selections. Frankly, Mawae has been the best center of the past decade. It was not a good move to let him go. Mawae's four years here had two spent at guard and then two at center, and although it is difficult to gauge a particular center's effectiveness, what always impressed me about Mawae was his combination of intelligence and power. As we've seen during the Chris Spencer growing pain experience, having a good center is absolutely critical to offensive line play, and outside of Hutch's all-world ability, I would argue that a good LT and C combination is the best indicator of good O-line play. The Fun Time Factory will have the best blocking available, with the best blocking fullback and best available LT and C. Welcome Mawae!