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Field Gulls Flea Flicker League: Return of the Jerramy Stevens Challenge

AOL has bought an independent fantasy football site by the name Flea Flicker. I don't know much about it and can't offer anything in the way of endorsement or criticism. In the hope of spreading the word about their new venture, AOL has contracted SBN to set up site specific fantasy leagues. This is the page to enter the random drawing pool. I'm being paid to participate. Some amount I haven't been told.

Okay, is that full disclosure enough? Apparently, if you win the league you get a chance to post something on the Field Gulls front page. A rare honor. Minimum, 3-4 spots in the league must be randomly picked. I'm inclined to make the entire league randomly selected. That will insure probably more than a few dead teams. So how do I make this interesting?

I've think the AOL/Flea Flicker league is meritorious enough to qualify for the venerable Jerramy Stevens Challenge. Tampa Bay was foolish enough to re-sign that proto-douchebag, so who am I to think I'm better? The premise is simple, I take Stevens in the first round, fill out my roster as normal and attempt to win. Stevens must remain on my roster all season. Last season, my Dead Pedestrians finished 9-4, but a crushing second in an ESPN league. This year, I plan on swerving into first or killing a few bystanders trying.