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Chargers To Cut Or Trade Eric Parker

The North County Times is reporting the Chargers will cut or trade Eric Parker before Friday's first full-squad practice. Parker, 29, is a bit like Bobby Engram without the durability. He's a good route runner and knows how to find the soft spot in a zone, but doesn't do anything particularly remarkable. It would make a lot of sense for Seattle to sign Parker, but the interest might not be mutual - or even one-sided. Parker wouldn't be guaranteed a roster spot. If Branch is indeed capable of making a miraculous recovery, Parker immediately shoots to fourth on the depth chart. Assuming the more realistic proposition that Branch is placed on the PUP list, Parker would be on about equal footing as Courtney Taylor, Logan Payne and Ben Obomanu. That's not terribly enticing for Parker, and says a lot about Seattle's confidence in its own wide receivers.

On the flip side, Seattle is a contender. A quality that's attractive to any free agent. With Courtney Taylor's ability to stay healthy openly questioned by wide receivers coach Keith Gilbertson, the Hawks may not be privately as confident in their corps as they have been publicly. If Seattle makes a move, expect it to be quick. Parker's presence certainly couldn't hurt.