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Who Is Bryan Gilmore?

Bryan Gilmore, Midwestern State

Usually, players like Gilmore are anonymous. You don't know them when they're signed. You don't notice them when they play. And you don't read about it when they're cut. Naturally, it's pretty hard to find any information on the Bryan Gilmores of the world. That's why I found this blurb from the official 49ers site kinda cool and very funny.

One of the team’s fastest players…Shows good surge off the line of scrimmage…Hits speed burst quickly and is a precise route runner…Has a good feel for attacking coverages and is able to find open areas in zone…Returned to work under the tutelage of wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan who directed him in Arizona and Miami…Has 72 games of experience under his belt, with 46 career receptions and 683 yards (14.8 avg.)…Also returned eight career kickoffs for 198 yards (24.8 avg.)…Raced for a CAREER-HIGH 75-yard reception vs. Philadelphia (9-24-06) in his first season with the 49ers…Also took three reverses for over 20 yards each in 2006.

Sounds like an undiscovered Torry Holt. The guy has a whole page dedicated to his rather modest career. That's kind of charming. If only he were any good, hm? Just further proof that in the NFL, one in a thousand doesn't cut it.