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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/26

Mike Sando is first in with the goods. Scroll down and you'll see some quick hits on John Carlson. Impressive work by Sando, proving if ever it needed to be, Mike Sando is a tough act to follow.

Starting center Chris Spencer isn't working. Coach Mike Holmgren lumped Spencer into a group of players taking things easier following offseason surgeries. Unlike the other guys who passed physicals, Spencer hasn't practiced since early in the first session Friday. His injury situation is definitely worth monitoring.

That's a foreboding first line if I've ever read one. Spencer's shoulders are now not just endangering his potential, but also his career. It's bad enough that he's clearly lost strength, but if he can't get reps in at practice, I don't think Holmgren will hesitate to begin auditioning replacements. Spencer has too much learn to be taking snaps off.

The Seahawks have not yet committed to Julius Jones as their starting running back, but if he is indeed the favorite, Maurice Morris can't afford to make the decision easier. That thought came to mind as Morris dropped an easy pass roughly 10 yards downfield. A short time later, Jones made a catch over his left shoulder despite tight coverage from linebacker David Hawthorne.

Jones is not only the favorite, Jones starting is a fait accompli. I wouldn't give anymore credence to Holmgren's "two starters" than I would Kelly Jennings' job being endangered. It's a motivational tool, and when all is said and done, I'd be surprised if Morris matches his carries from last season. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if Seattle doesn't shop him before the season starts.

Rookie running back Justin Forsett, 5-foot-8 and 194 pounds, can be hard to find out there -- for defenders as well as spectators. He's got some fight, too, at one point winning a tug-of-war for the ball with Lofa Tatupu on the other end. It looked as though Forsett surprised Tatupu with his strength.

It's notable that Forsett continues to impress. Seattle didn't draft the tiny powerback to be cute, or because "his talent was just too good not to". Forsett is the type of hard working overachiever Tim Ruskell favors, and if Morris ends up in another jersey, Forsett will be part of the reason why.

Here are a couple quick takes on Carlson.

Carlson beat safety Deon Grant for an intermediate gain late in practice. Carlson caught the ball away from his body without losing control. Very nice.

The overall feel is that Carlson showed up, stepped up and showcased the skills and polish that made Seattle confident he could contribute this season. As for the headfakes...