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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/29 (PM)

I'll update this up until 7 when I hit the hay.

Seahawks Blog

Now, it's only the first week of training camp, but Wilson is making a pretty big push for more playing time in the defensive backfield. He made plays to bat down three passes on Sunday when the team began practicing in pads, and in the afternoon practice on Tuesday he made a great break, anticipating an out route and intercepting a pass Seneca Wallace intended for Trent Shelton. Now, in some cases, that's the result of a lazy throw. Not this one. Wallace zipped the pass, but Wilson made a great break, picked the ball off and he was gone the other way. It was such a good play that Mike Holmgren complimented Wilson instead of reprimanding Wallace.

. . .

"He's really a good inside cover guy," Holmgren said. "As your nickel corner, as your third corner to move inside and work in there on the two-way guys like an Engram, that's going to be a strength of his ... That's really where he earns his money, inside."

Wilson was always the favorite, whatever you may have read. As late as last season's playoffs, Wilson was pushing Babineaux for playing time. He even subbed-in when Babs sucked his way to the sidelines. What's important is that Wilson distances himself from the competition. It sounds counterintuitive, but like Leonard Weaver last season, training camps and the preseason are a curious winnowing process where fans must hope the best player plays the best and is not unseated by someone less deserving. Weaver nearly lost his job in the preseason, but the kid could play, and thankfully the team gave him the chance. If Wilson can outplay Babs when it doesn't matter, I'm sure he will outplay Babs when it does.

Seahawks Insider doesn't have much substantial to add, but...

They did some special teams work, as well as some kicking in front of the team. The rookie was perfect, while Olindo Mare missed a kick. Those two then went on a side field and did some kicking in front of the special teams coaches, but I didn't get a chance to watch that workout.

I am completely and totally reserving judgement on Coutu until I see him kick. I hope, for the sake of sanity, kickoff distance is being given (at least) equal weighting to accuracy. I imagine Tim Ruskell did that; he signed Mare in the first place.

Like Holmgren earlier in the week, Hass dodged the question about the Brett Favre situation.

If I can make a small suggestion from the peanut gallery: Stop asking Seahawks about Brett Favre. Thank you.

Talkin' Hawks offers a little more about Wilson.

"Coach (Jim) Mora has been training us with all this footwork. My game, with better feet you can go to the next level. Now that I've got that corrective training I've been able to perform a little better."

Now if only he could add a splitter. It's tough to know if this A) Is meant sincerely. B) Is meaningful. It's tough, even, to know exactly what this means. But, nevertheless, Wilson made a nice play and then credited his coach. That's never a bad thing. Not for Jim Mora. Not for Josh Wilson. Not for fans. Because it might be true, it sounds humble, and it should help Wilson nab the nickelback spot.