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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/30 (PM)

PM practice was dedicated to return drills. I guess return drills aren't interesting because all three blogs decided to discuss which Hawk is fastest, Jordan Kent or Josh Wilson? I would guess Kent, who I think has better long speed, but I don't really know. A spellbinding discussion, no?

It's odd that special teams practice wouldn't receive much attention though, because Seattle had some pretty big gaffes last season and are auditioning a new punt/kick returner. That sounds interesting to me, but I'm not there.

Since we're on the topic, Jose Romero asked special teams coach Bruce DeHaven about Tyler Schmitt.

"The thing I don't hear was that our snapping situation was fixed at the end of the year...Tyler's a rookie and I think he's going to be a pretty good snapper, but he's not where he needs to be yet and we still have a lot of work, so I don't think that I'd say he’s the answer to all our problems there."

That's just coach speak. What's DeHaven gonna say?

"The kid's perfect! Automatic! He can go home! Any coaching would only adulterate him."

In other words, this quote is utterly useless and meaningless. So--

Where's the follow up questions?

-What does Schmitt do well?

-What would you like to see him improve?