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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/31 (PM)

Looks like Bryant is the first wounded, but I'm not too concerned.

Talkin' Hawks

Bummer. As in, rookie defensive tackle Red Bryant might need arthroscopic surgery to repair damage to his left knee.

Nothing is certain at this point, but that was the preliminary report after the team's fourth-round draft choice had his knee examined. The club is awaiting additional tests before making the final determination.

First, it's his left knee not his previously injured right knee. I don't think that matters much, but I'm sure it's peace of mind for some. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that shouldn't lead to much missed time by Bryant. The crotch-targeted pimp-slap-to-be is that arthroscopic surgery is often the prelude to a much more serious treatment. For now, with no specifics about when or how the injury occurred I'm willing to take a cautiously optimistic outlook. He'll miss time, but I don't think he'll miss the season.

On John Carlson:

"We haven't done enough yet, and he's got to get in the game," coach Mike Holmgren said when asked about Carlson after the morning practice. "But I really feel he is the player we thought he was when we drafted him."

You're not going to hear more glowing praise than that. It's early yet in training camp, and no one is going to slip anything too positive, but to simply say "yeah, this is what we were hoping for when we drafted him" gets me pretty psyched. What I've been holding close to my chest is a serious and almost destabilizing belief that this team needs Carlson to produce, because with Hackett gone and Branch out, Carlson is the only seam-stretcher on roster. The mess of underneath threats--Engram, Burleson, Weaver, Jones--need someone to draw the safety deep. Otherwise, we're going to see a mess of broken Hawks strewn across the field.

Seahawks Insider

Matt Hasselbeck brought up the other day that Logan Payne had the chance to sign with another team who wanted him to play for them, and instead chose to stay in Seattle. I asked Ruskell about it, and he said it was actually Jordan Kent who had the offer from another team.

Ooooooh! Diss.