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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (2)

With the second overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, Dave Krieg's Super Happy Fun Time Factory selects...

Walter Jones, Florida State

In my estimation, Walter Jones is the most talented player in Seahawks team history, and has simply been a rock in both run and pass support. Ir's always fun to take a look at the poor sap who gets to line up against Walter each week (especially a few years ago) and ignore him as anyone who would have an impact on the game. I think my favorite moment with Walter would have to be the 2005 NFC Championship Game when, while blocking for a touchdown run for Shaun, Walt drove Mike Rucker (who had been picked by many "experts" as an potential game-changer) back on his heels 15 yards into the end zone. It was sheer physical dominance, and his brilliance helps make all those skill players look an awful lot better. It's good to know the Fun Time Factory will have no problems with the left side of the line.