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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (3)

With the third overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, the Springfield Mudbones select...

Steve Largent, Tulsa

 via Sports Illustrated 
While his career records have been bested thanks to the evolution of the NFL into a pass-first league, compared against his peers #80 was a dominant force at wide receiver in the 1970s-80s.

Largent finishes in NFL top 10 (1976-1989):

Receptions: 10 times
Receiving Yards: 8 Times
Receiving TDs: 8 Times

Largent also was named to 7 Pro Bowls, and was the first career Seahawk in the Hall of Fame.

His combination of deceptive speed, quickness, sure hands and precise route-running would make him an explosive offensive weapon in any era, so he is the cornerstone the Mudbones will build around.