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Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (8)

With the 8th overall pick in the first ever Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, the (19)76ers select...

Marcus Trufant,
Washington State

via Seattle PI

This is a selection that fills a critical position with a solid, borderline elite and non-injury prone player. Since being selected in the first round in 2003, Trufant has started 16, 16, 15,15, and 16 games. And in 2007, Trufant added his solid coverage play with a knack for grabbing the pick and making the big play, intercepting seven passes and returning two for TDs. Projecting that kind of performance into the future, it’s possible that Tru will be a no-brainer first round pick for the 2009 Fieldgulls fantasy draft. But even on the existing sample size, the (19)76ers are pleased to walk away with a budding star.