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Eric Wicks Out of the Seahawks Safety Race

Wicks, a player I liked strictly from a potential standpoint, is out of the race for Seattle's Z string safety. Unfortunately, this is a double whammy, as it was longsnapper wunderkind Tyler Schmitt, out with an injured back, whose loss forced Seattle to cut Wicks and sign Tim Lindsey. Lindsey is from that cast of thousands I refer to when I talk about criticism directed at drafting a long snapper. This blurb about Lindsey from Wikipedia should tell you all you need to know about Tim Ruskell signing him:

At WVU-2007 Team Captain 4 times during the season and voted one of four permanent Team Captains for the year and the 2007 Gator Bowl. 2006 and 2007 All-Big East Academic Team… Winner of the 2006 Tom Nickolich Memorial Award from the Blue and Gold News for outstanding achievement by a walk-on in the Mountaineer football program… Awarded a full athletic scholarship in 2006…2006 Coaches Contribution Award…2007 Ira E. Rodgers Award presented to the player who has shown high leadership and academic qualities as well as football performance. …2003-07 Athletic Directors academic honor roll

He also played with Atlanta. Fetishize much, Mr. Ruskell?

Some see Wicks as a linebacker/safety tweener. That rarely works out. If he's so bad in coverage that his first team is rushing to convert him to linebacker, then safety is likely out of reach. And as a linebacker, only teams with quick/small linebackers are likely to give him a look. So, he might resurface a Colt. Depending how this works out, Lindsey might just sub for a couple preseason games or might out and wrestle the spot away.