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Quick Cap: Seahawks 29 - Bears 26

Reactionary thinking is fuel for the prolific and no wonder new goats sacrificed and new heroes crowned, but talent wins the day. So, easy as it was to bury Josh Wilson after last game, he shined tonight. And easy as it was to excuse Justin Forsett, he shined tonight. And easy as it was to think Charlie Frye anything but a Z string last resort, he came true tonight.

With that in mind, let's talk truth and aberration.

Truth: Forsett makes the team.

Kid is too talented to stash on the practice squad. Behind Jones, he's as willing a blocker and complete as back as Seattle has. Plus, there's no faking good reads, great cuts and NFL quicks.

Aberration: Tight end is unsettled.

Any reactionary fan can see Carlson gaffe, jump preposterously offsides and call foul. But the kid has made strides as a blocker, is unmatched in potential as a receiver and though he may not win the starting spot outright out of camp, categorically certain to start the majority of the season. Growing pains are natural.

Truth: The Heater is NFL caliber.

Shed a center, make him look foolish and turn a good hole into a wall--that plays on Sunday. Hawthorne makes this roster and good God damn have we not had potential in the linebacker second ranks like Hawthorne since 2005.

Aberration: Jordan Kent is ready.

That was nice. Carving up zones; 4 catches for 50 yards. Kent had his moments, but despite having excellent chemistry with Frye and benefiting from some gaping hole in zones, Kent did little to prove he's starter ready. Still, kid is amazingly talented and has by all means graduated from the practice squad, but until he shows consistent separation on deep patterns, before he's able to win in traffic, he's not ready to see more than a handful of snaps a game.

Fun game. Complete breakdown over the coming days. Defense stepped up. Frye was pressured, sucked at times but did enough to be 3rd string.

Game Ball: Justin Forsett, moves, agility and surprising power. The third gear is lost at sea, but top speed is overrated. Kid's got a future in the league.