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Somebody oughta... stop this thing.

Frye: Don't hit me anymore...Oh God, I pray to God you don't hit me anymore. I'll do anything you say, but I can't take anymore.

Holmgren: You got your mind right, Frye?

Frye: Yeah. I got it right. I got it right, coach. [He grips the ankles of coach]

Holmgren: Suppose you's back-slide on us?

Frye: Oh no I won't. I won't, boss.

Holmgren: Suppose you's to back-sass?

Frye: No I won't. I won't. I got my mind right.

Holmgren: You try to run again, we gonna kill ya.

Frye: I won't, I won't, boss.

Now, I'm not fluent in Bark, but I don't think Mike Holmgren was too happy with Charlie Frye's performance on Sunday. And, sure, he was setup to fail, but that all changes Mond-

Ah, damn.

Chargers Pass Defense: -15.2% (2)
Chargers Weighted Defense: -15.9% (1)

At least Jordan Kent is emerging as a solid #2-


Chargers against #2 receivers: -72.1% (1)

Not that I think Charlie Frye is or ever will be a good quarterback, but...

34/56, 328 yards, 2TD, 6 Ints

That was Peyton Manning's line against the Chargers last season.

22/33, 209 yards, 2 TDs, 3 Ints

And that Tom Brady's in the conference championships.

Multiply that inherent difficulty by Frye's mincing panic facing unorthodox blitzes, and...


Stay down Charlie, stay down.