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Quick Cap: Chargers 18 - Seahawks 17

So check this out:

Charlie Frye was steady, even proficient at times.

Justin Forsett sucked.

And both teams looked damn eager to leave the field.

Often billed "the most important game of the preseason", Seattle and San Diego played the iconoclast. Seattle's third preseason game was a hasty, vanilla affair - almost gentlemanly. A disgusting, almost genteel, display of bad tackling, uninspired scheme and execution, from two teams shamelessly focused on staying healthy for the regular season.

And about the wisest thing I've seen in the vainglorious world of football, perhaps, ever.

Accelerated schedule this week, two quarters per day before some perfunctory previews of Friday's - hopefully - more spirited affair.

Game Ball: Forbearance. Sweet, merciful, dull as cardboard covered in mayonnaise, forbearance.