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The Tape: Seahawks @ Chargers 4th Quarter

Let's sprint through this briefest of quarters.

  • On the eighth play of Seattle's first drive of the quarter, Pat Murray blew a block allowing Marques Harris into the backfield, who tackled TJ Duckett for a loss of one. Murray. Blown block. That's pretty novel. I mean, good pull block, stout pass block, we've seen that all preseason, but blown block? What's up with that, guy?

    Murray has been an unheralded star of the preseason. Watch #63, his future looks bright.

  • Scruffy is indeed right, Jordan Kent nearly dropped a gimme touchdown pass. It would seem Kent heard footsteps, and despite being open, despite a savvy break towards the pass eliminating any chance a defender could reach him, Kent got nervous and nearly dropped it. Here's hoping the fact that he didn't drop it helps his confidence.
  • Babs had another nice coverage, again playing zone, and again reading the quarterback and breaking on the pass.
  • Murray had an excellent pull block on Justin Forsett's lone successful rush. What I liked best is, Murray pulling out wide left, adjusts his block in to stop a free defender. That decision making, breaking route and identifying the most pressing problem, squarely engaging that defender and allowing an otherwise broken play to still be successful, is pure gridiron.
  • Jason Babin displayed a nice edge rush sacking Billy Volek. Does Seattle trade him or do they keep him as depth? His performance has certainly forced the question.
  • Forsett had four rushes and five touches. On one, he fumbled. And just like that, the hype caught a ride on the first bread truck out of town. Ugh. Anyway, the kid fights for his job tomorrow. I think playing against a 3-4, and that scheme's strength and numbers in the second level, were a big part of Forsett's problems. Here's rooting he wins a spot.
  • On the second play of Seattle's second drive, Courtney Taylor made a nice leaping grab on a badly overthrown pass by Seneca Wallace. Better yet, he, untackled, got up and ran for the first. Taylor needs more looks, but he's been impressive on the ones he's had.
  • On the first play of San Diego's final drive of the game, Erik Robertson passes Howard Green into the backfield on a pull block. There's nothing atypical about that. But the run goes a bit awry, and though the telephoto lens may have betrayed me, the rusher looks to run very close to Green. Green is just so slow though. How can a tackle play one gap if he can't reach the ball carrier?

Finally, Rapid Fire:

  • Kevin Hobbs played well. No way on the interference.
  • Floyd Womack allowed the sack and then got beaten back again allowing pressure on Wallace's INT. He played well early and wore down.
  • Payne chills out after the INT. Standing stupefied while the game plays out behind him. Of course, he didn't see it, but after so much damn hype I wonder if Payne is destined to be cut. When you're a scrapper, chillin' out on an INT return is not okay.
  • I've lobbied for Obo and he's looked good at times, but the kid makes the short list of players who must have a good game tomorrow or risk unemployment.