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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 8/3 (AM)

Seahawks Insider

This was a very light, short practice because of an abundance of injuries. They highlight the day, so let's run through them first.

* Cornerback DeMichael Dizer has a torn ACL and needs surgery.
* Kyle Williams banged up his knee and is likely out for 3-4 days.
* Jordan Babineaux injured his knee, is getting an MRI today and his status will be re-evaluated.
* Pork Chop Womack hurt his knee and is having an MRI.
* Logan Payne cracked a rib and is out until it heals. The only thing to do is rest it.

* Nu'u Tafisi hurt his ankle and is likely out 3-4 days.
* Matt Castelo hurt his knee.
* Eric Wicks has a quad contusion.

Dizer was carried off the field Saturday. I said to my wife "There goes Dizer." She doesn't know who DeMichael Dizer is. Few people do. Unfortunately, few ever will because this might just end Dizer's career. Good luck guy.

Thanks for the cap room Porkchop. Can we cut you now?

The only injury that interests me is Payne's broken ribs. The injury itself isn't serious, but for a player that must be able to succeed over the middle, it's less than encouraging that he's already getting beat up. I just don't see how Payne can become a viable NFL receiver.

Courtney Taylor was back at practice but took part only in the drills. He said he will do drills this afternoon, then he wants to come back full-on tomorrow morning in preparation for Friday's game in Minnesota. He said he was ready to come back a few days ago but they are being cautious with him. But he sounded very jazzed to be back and playing.

I've assumed for a couple of days that Taylor is being protected. And if he is being protected, that means the second year receiver is getting special treatment. He certainly hasn't earned special treatment, so I would guess the team thinks they need him. I think the team needs him and all things considered, I would guess that Taylor has a darn good shot of entering the season as Seattle's starting flanker.

Talkin' Hawks

Lawrence Jackson. The team's first-round draft choice must have sensed all those "How's Lo-Jack doing?" emails and blog queries I've been getting.

The performance by the defensive lineman from USC this morning underlined "just fine."

On one play, Jackson shot a gap and got to running back Maurice Morris just after he had taken the handoff. On another, Jackson beat rookie tight end John Carlson with an inside move so explosive that the team's second-round draft had to grab Jackson to prevent him from blowing up another play.

Jackson rarely does anything that qualifies as spectacular, but the steadiness of his solid game will fit nicely into the end rotation with Patrick Kerney and Darryl Tapp – and, Jackson also continues to slide inside to tackle in the No. 1 nickel line.

I'm pretty sure Jackson will be beloved by attentive fans and reviled by box score skimmers. Until his athleticism takes a leap, should it take a leap as he ages, he's going to be a steady, Bryce Fisher-type, well-rounded, heady, pass and rush defensive end. On the whole, he'll improve the defense. His size will help free Brandon Mebane to rush the passer. His strength will narrow rushing lanes to the outside. His intelligence will keep him in plays and provide contributions above his stats. But don't be surprised if he ends the season with 4-7 sacks. He's not Dwight Freeney, but, with a little growth, he can be Aaron Kampman.