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Seattle Seahawks 2008 Practice Squad

Straight from the official website:

Seahawks Practice Squad
S - Jamar Adams
DT - Kevin Brown
WR - Michael Bumpus
CB - Marquis Floyd
T - Samuel Gutekunst
G - Pat Murray
TE - Joe Newton
T - Kyle Williams

Mostly who I would expect, though I'm a little sad to see Kelin Johnson go. It is good news that Jamar Adams escaped the waiver wire, though that doesn't ensure he will stay a Seahawk. In that sense, the first run through waivers is overemphasized. When a team signs a player off another's practice squad, that player much immediately join their active or inactive roster. Their 53. Most teams aren't going to drop a player that's spent all camp learning their system for a green player that won't contribute right away. The exception being, of course, kickers and return men. Practice squad players are free to sign with any team throughout the season, and when injuries strike, Adams will become much more inviting. I didn't sweat Adams passing waivers, but I will be surprised if he makes it through the season without being signed.