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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 8/5 (AM)

Just in time, Seahawks Insider checks in with a lengthy and detailed rundown of Seattle's receiver. Mercifully free of wrongheaded editorializing. Wrongheaded editorializing is my job!

The star performer of the day was the silent but deadly Ben Obomanu, who caught everything during practice, including a fade ball over Marcus Trufant for a score from Hasselbeck, and another great play on a deep post route from Hasselbeck with safety Kevin Hobbs on the coverage.

"Receiver seems to be the focal point now obviously," veteran receiver Bobby Engram said. "And Ben is stepping up. He’s getting his opportunity, and he had a tremendous practice today."

The leader continues his run, and not only is he ahead but he's stepping up at just the right time. Obomanu was sort of Jordan Kent before Jordan Kent. The athletic, burner with a good attitude but a lot to learn. Obomanu is slower, smaller but also much more experienced. Entering his third year, it sounds like the gears are meshing, the skills are catching up to the talent and something good is emerging.

Obomanu's college teammate, Courtney Taylor, also returned to full go after nursing a hamstring injury the last few days. Taylor looked good as well, making a nice catch on a sideline route and running with speed after a catch on a slant inside. He caught some balls on the jugs machine after practice.

However, Taylor did drop a ball in the end zone on an inside slant route against Kelly Jennings, letting the ball get into his pads.

That run after the catch ability is what separates Taylor from his competition and why he's Seattle's best bet for the starting flanker spot should Branch be PUPed.

Jordan Kent, the other receiver competing for a spot along with Logan Payne (still sitting out with a cracked rib), caught a 20-yard touchdown pass during red zone drill, getting cornerback Josh Wilson to bite as he geared down like he was going to run a square out, then running past Wilson on an inside seam route.

Jordan Kent...with a football move? Yeah, that's cool. Now to do it in a game. If only Charlie Frye wasn't passing to him.

And now for the twist:

Walter Jones (left tackle), Mike Wahle (left guard), Steve Vallos (center), Rob Sims (right guard) and Sean Locklear (left tackle) ran with the first unit, which looked solid in both run and pass blocking during team drills.

Walter Jones starts in place of Floyd Womack and the offense comes alive? Wha?

Talkin' Hawks offers a little more on Obo

Obomanu had an over-the-shoulder grab of a Matt Hasselbeck pass off a fade route in the end zone and later got open deep behind cornerback Kevin Hobbs to make a nice adjustment in catching a slightly under-thrown ball from Hasselbeck.

"If Hasselbeck is not comfortable with how you're getting into your route and where you're going, you're not one of those guys he's going to call upon during the season," Obomanu said. "I think it was a pretty good day to be in the right spot and to make those catches."

Three cool things: First, fade routes are among Beck's best weapons in the end zone. If Obo can produce on those, he'll become a red zone threat. Second, Obomanu often ran deep last season, but he rarely made adjustments. That's the kind of knowledge growth he needs to replace Hacks. Third, it's kind of charming how serious Obo is. It's all business with him. Sounds like he learned from some mistakes last season.

Seahawks Blog on, y'know, someone other than Obo

Lance Laury made two tips in a seven-on-seven passing drill. Laury is a big, physical run-stopper and improving the pass defense is important because Laury must be ready to step up for an injury with the departures of Niko Koutouvides and Kevin Bentley in free agency.

Tips are nice, but not something I would count on. The tips matter because it means he might have been in the right spot and he was aware of the pass. Otherwise, let's wait till gametime. Laury must step up because Will Herring is...not able to play.

Samuel Gutekunst -- the team's international-squad allotment -- is also not practicing because of an undisclosed injury.

Gutekunst: "Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate."

Uter schoki im bauch (via Darkgringoger)