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Seahawks Training Camp Report: 8/5 (PM)

Talkin' Hawks

Jordan Kent. Another practice, another impressive show of hands by a young wide receiver.

This morning, it was Ben Obomanu, the third-year man from Auburn. This afternoon, it was Kent, the second-year man from Oregon.

Kent was an equal-opportunity target. He began his afternoon by leaving his feet to make a reaching grab of a Matt Hasselbeck pass along the sideline. Then, he got open over the middle to take a pass from Seneca Wallace. But Kent's best play came when he was running across the field to his left, but reached back to snag a pass from Charlie Frye without breaking his lengthy stride.

Okay, grabbing a pass one handed while running the other way and not breaking stride is pretty impressive. When Bernard Berrian did that against the Hawks last season I watched it ten times despite the fact the play went against Seattle. Great football is just fun to watch. All that said, Kent must do something against real competition before any of this matters. What can be said though is that the early returns on sticking with the late round picks is very good. It certainly has made some fans uneasy, and me too at times, but Tim Ruskell has found a lot of skills and talent. The skills may not be so surprising, but finding talent in the 6th is pretty impressive in its own right.