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Field Gulls Podcast: 8/7

Update: Looks like I boned the recording process. My apologies to our two callers in New York who really made the show. Anyway, I like to stick my face in the fan when learning so we'll run a makeup show tomorrow at 2pm. Same #. Same ID. We'll be talking the preseason game against the Vikings.

The show will start at 2:40 PST. I'm running a call-in format today. You can listen live from Talk Shoe. Or call and talk Seahawks at:

# (724) 444-7444

ID: 23576

Ask questions, sound off, whatever. The idea is to create the Seahawks radio show I've/you've always wanted to hear. That might take some work though because I'm pretty much flyin' blind. Whee! So come for the Hawks talk and stay for the babbling, malaprops and general incompetence.