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The Tape: Seahawks @ Bills 4th Qtr

Seattle's One Armed Man: It's odd watching Rob Sims in the fourth quarter. The camera, as always, facing the offensive left obscures Sims' injured half, but does show Sims blocking oddly. Like, this weird, one-armed stabbing block where he twists his body so that his right shoulder is back and his left shoulder is forward. From which he punches at Marcus Stroud, left arm nearly entirely extended. It's not that effective. His right arm mostly looks like it's kept at waist level. I'm not going to lie, before I read that it was his right side, I didn't know. I only knew Sims didn't look right. He wasn't blocking right. And, really, why the hell was he out there? Floyd Womack was active.

That same thought crossed my mind about Nate Burleson. You can see him limping after a punt return, but he never missed a play. I certainly hope Seattle hasn't created a "man up" culture where players are playing through injury.

Seattle did finally solve Buffalo's Stampede formation: And it was as easy as calling a draw. Julius Jones broke for 24. Ta. Da. The next play was even more impressive.

Seventh play of Seattle's penultimate drive. Despite a 24 point lead, Buffalo stays aggressive. Can you say young defensive coordinator making his name? The Hawks break 2 WR, 2TE, Rb and in a SG. The Bills in a nickel. At the snap, the Bills blitz Keith Ellison in that yard-wide right "A" gap scarred into Seattle's pocket. Jones, runs up, meets Ellison just past the line, lays a pop that elicits and audible grunt, not sure if from Ellison or Jones, but the blitz is thwarted. And that's it. Matt Hasselbeck sails a ball over Jordan Kent.

Kent's attention deficit: I saw it in the preseason, and I cuss myself for not making more of it, but Jordan Kent can't keep his concentration in traffic and drops or misses too many catchable passes. The aforementioned pass, though high, is perfectly placed for a tall receiver to go up and grab. Though I hate to see Kent exposed to waivers, I do think the team right in assuming he's not ready. But the experience he needs, game experience against hostile opposition, cannot be had on the practice squad. A handful of targets a game, even if unproductive, would be better than shuttling him back to the practice squad hoping he figures out his nerve against friendlies.

I think Kent's cut was punitive, and, true, Kent didn't look composed. But the kid needs confidence and experience and I don't see how cutting him provides either.

The defense didn't do much worth noting, so let's end with the Statesman kicking DB ass: First play, second Seahawks drive of the quarter. Seattle breaks 2WR, 2 TE, Rb. Bills - zuh?- nickel. The team runs off tackle with Mike Wahle sealing the interior and Jones pulling out left. Julius Jones gets the edge and there's big Walt swallowing Ashton Youboty whole, dissolving his bones before burying him somewhere off camera. I haven't seen Jones play with this kind of fire and athleticism since 2005.

And...we're done. Now let us never speak of this game again.