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Field Gulls Podcast: 49ers @ Seahawks Game Preview

The Field Gulls podcast will air at 1pm PST. We'll talk a bit about the rapid roster turnover this past week, why it stings, why it matters and why, mostly, it doesn't matter. But our focus will on the 49ers. With all the hullabaloo of the past five days, it's easy to forget Seattle could lose tomorrow. I have little doubt that Seattle is the better team, but I had little doubt the Patriots were the better team entering the Super Bowl. One game, not so significant for its outcome from an analytical standpoint, but for a team in turmoil, very significant from an emotional and competitive standpoint.

Like last week, we'll talk matchups and opponent strategy. What kind of blitzes San Francisco employed in the past and how has what Buffalo did to Seattle impacted every future opponent's play calling.