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Game Thread: 49ers @ Seahawks 3

First Half Cap:

This game is uncomfortably close...

on the scoreboard.

John Carlson is a first round talent and his presence over the middle is keeping this passing game afloat. That's needed, but watch out, once the receiver talent returns/emerges that threat over the deep middle will do wonders for Mike Holmgren's preferred receiving routes. One must be impressed with the early returns on Billy McMullen, who looks steady, disciplined and, good-God slow. But that's okay. A possession receiver is exactly what Seattle needs, and considering this is his first half-week with Seattle he's matched his profile: big body, good hands, nothing special - a competent wide receiver.

Right now, Seattle's corners are just not playing well. Kelly Jennings and Marcus Trufant look lost against Mike Martz's deep passing attack. They're better than that. Watch for many of the flukish big plays to evaporate in the second quarter. Pride, adjustments and luck should swing in favor of Seattle. That will be enough to make a superficially close game break open. Seattle is putting San Francisco in positions where turnovers can and eventually will be forced.

The special teams has, mostly, not been worth talking about. Seattle has real concerns about their punt blocking. That might haunt this team all season. Josh Wilson is an able kick returner but he, and really all Seattle return men, Michael Bumpus, and formerly Justin Forsett and Nate Burleson seem coached to fight in traffic for an extra yard. That's bad risk/reward. That's bad coaching.

Fun contest. Seattle is playing well, but so far San Francisco has been bailed out. That shouldn't continue, and when skill prevails, Seattle should dominate.