He's back baby! He's back!

Koren Robinson! 

Back by popular demand!

Love him or hate him, he is a talent that is needed in a very desperate time. Our kick and punt return problem will be solved at least. Who knows? He might even rejuvinate his career and become our #3 or 4 receiver even when Branch and Engram are back.

I welcome him back with open arms. Now just don't start that ball dropping crap again and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD lay off the drink!

Update by John Morgan: I'm not going to lie, this is half intuition, but I think Seattle just signed a difference maker. Robinson is a young 28, a former top ten pick that knows Mike Holmgren's system. He has the talent of an elite wide receiver but nearly drank his way out of the league. Character can be achieved, but talent you're born with. I can't possibly know if he's reformed, but I do know he's trying. And I do know that Tim Ruskell has perhaps the most stringent personal conduct policy in the NFL. He's retained players with personal problems, but he's never signed one, and I don't think any amount of desparation would force him to sign someone he's not 100% about. Storylines are for history, and there's the dicey matter of Robinson's 81 receptions in the last four years, but think of every athlete you counted out because he was a crum, crook or headcase and think how many have figured it out and turned around their careers. Think Koren Robinson could be next?