Wide Receivers Coming in from all Angles - Keary Colbert

Keary Colbert!!!!

Seattle has swapped a late-round draft pick for Broncos wide receiver Keary Colbert, has learned.

The Seahawks — who had the 17th best pass offense in the league a year ago — have suffered greatly this year with the losses of receivers Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram and Deion Branch to injuries.

Wow. Holmgren wasn't kidding about getting some WR in here. Personally I love this move. Colbert coming out of college was a very good route runner with great hands. What he lacked was size and speed. He fell off the earth because he was relied on as a number 2 when he shouldn't of ever been. He is a good fit for the WCO.

Update by John Morgan: In 2004, Colbert was drafted in the second round by the Carolina Panthers. He wasn't fast, running a 4.6 40, or tall, coming in a shade under 6'1", but he was supremely productive at a top program: USC. That 4.6 40 might be a bit deceptive, Colbert was a sure thing draft pick who barely participated in the combine and possibly didn't prepare either. Since then, Colbert has earned a reputation as a laggard. Perhaps he's just happy to have scored big and looks forward to the offseason. In football, that does happen.

Despite his low completion rate over four season, never topping 50%, he was known at USC for his hands. You heard that right. He was a four year starter and owns USC's all time receptions record. The patina of potential is why Seattle had to trade as much as a 5th round pick, but that patina might be only residue. I don't really know. His record certainly explains Tim Ruskell's interest, but without tape on the guy I don't feel confident judging this trade.