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Field Gulls Podcast: Rams @ Seahawks Game Preview

Can you feel it? Like a fog rolling off the Pacific, dread. The dread of starting the season 0-3. I read somewhere that only 5% of teams that start 0-3 make the playoffs. Might be because teams that start 0-3 typically suck. Seattle doesn't suck, but Saint Louis probably does. Today at 1PST, we'll talk a little about just how bad Saint Louis might be, strategy and why Seattle should perform better without playing differently.

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This counts as the dreariest, most pensive podcast in the history of Field Gulls. Woot. Personally, I think 0-2 teams invite personal pains and frustrations, whereas 0-3 teams invite defeat and its kissing-cousin irrational, ecstatic optimism. Let's not go 0-3. Let's hope the Seahawks give us all an antidote to this malaise and something to feel good about again entering the bye week.