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Game Thread: Rams @ Seahawks - 2



John Morgan:

Decimated is too weak an adjective, this first half has been nothing short of obliteration.

Let's get our grounding for a second. After a half, I'm confident the Rams are that bad. Marc Bulger has de-evolved into a pupal, grub like creature with spindly legs unfit for throwing a football. But Seattle can only shame and emasculate the opponent they are given.

The special teams is a real problem and it's not just Bumpus losing the ball in the air, but for today that doesn't matter.

There's a parable somewhere within the first three weeks of Seattle's season. Don't let results shrivel your confidence when you know you're good. Seattle's good. Seattle's damn good.

Drink up, only one more half of vacation. The schedule is about to get real tough.