Plaxico Suspended For Hawks Game

Taken from Yahoo Sports.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP)—Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress was suspended for one game by the New York Giants on Wednesday for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

General manager Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin informed Burress of the suspension Wednesday morning before the team held a bye-week practice.

The suspension takes effect immediately, meaning Burress will miss the Giants (3-0) game against the Seattle Seahawks on Oct. 5.

Burress will be allowed to return to team activities the following day.

This bodes very well for the Hawks.  The only thing slower than Brian Russell is Amani Toomer.  Are things beginning to look positive for a change?

Update by John Morgan: Typically, I argue not to overstate the value of one player. Great teams make stars, but stars do not make great teams. Plaxico Burress is an exception. Not just because he's so much better than the Giants other receivers, but because he's perfectly matched for Eli Manning's abilities and inabilities. In 2007, Burress accounted for 139 DYAR. Manning, -70. While that could be a function of Burress' position, scouting data backs up the numbers. Manning is notorious for his overthrows and the 6'5" and exceptionally rangy Burress was the perfect foil for Manning's inaccuracy. Well, nearly. Burress receives a lot of wild passes "targeting" him, and as such has hovered around a 50% completion percentage in his three years with New York.

In the past three season, Burress has missed one game. In 2006, against the Houston Texans, Eli Manning, including sacks, attempted 30 passes for an adjusted net yards per attempt of 4.43. That season, Manning and the Texans opponents averaged 5.6 adjusted net yards per attempt. What production Manning had that day came through his tight end and running backs. The wide receivers combined for five receptions for 52 yards. The only remaining wide receiver from that group of Mike Jennings, Tim Carter and Amani Toomer is Toomer. Toomer suffered worst of all, targeted four times, for an interception, an incomplete and two receptions for 16 yards. Toomer is now 34, and tore his ACL in 2006. Toomer is also now New York's nominative number one receiver.

Toomer and Burress have accounted for 55% of Manning's passing yards in 2008. The team doesn't "lose" Burress' production as some would imply, but that doesn't example how dependent on his top two wideouts Manning is. With the loss of Burress, Toomer will presumably shift into the number one receiver spot on the right, and Steve Smith will move into Toomer's spot on the left. The 5'11" but fast Smith is a better physical matchup for Kelly Jennings (or Josh Wilson) than the 6'3", slow but physical Toomer. With Marcus Trufant more than able to shut down Toomer, the Giants will need to emphasize their run game. Brandon Jacobs, fast for a big man, but slow and inagile for a running back, is the type of bruiser Seattle's fast, gang tackling and aggressive front seven feasts on. Needless to say, the loss of Burress creates a cascade that weakens the Giants offense and improves Seattle's matchups. It doesn't, however, weaken New York's still dominant defense. Seattle must manage to sustain drives and protect Matt Hasselbeck or risk losing a defensive-led bloodbath.