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Open Discussion: The Player You'd Add to Make the Seahawks Great

I'll be gone until late Saturday, preempting the podcast and regular posting, but just to keep the discussion going, I offer a question for discussion/debate:

If you could add one player from any NFL roster to the Seahawks, who would it be and why?

I'll go first.

LaRon Landry, Free Safety

Previewing Seahawks/Skins last season, I wrote this about Landry:

Landry is an excellent young safety. He has both good quickness and excellent long strider's speed. Plus, he's tremendously athletic. The Skins deployed him ultra deep for most of the game against the Vikings, where, to television crews, he was essentially invisible. What I saw, from his ability to read the play to his overall athletic potential, makes me think he's a future star, and, perhaps, superstar. He needs some polish, but an occasional bad break on a ball is to be expected from a rookie.

Landry is one of a handful of safeties perfectly met for Seattle's needs. He kills the cover one, has the quickness, speed and reaction to truly cover sideline to sideline, and the ball hawking instincts and dangerous return ability to take away the deep passing attack entirely. His contributions were instrumental to a Washington defense that went from last in the NFL in 2006 to sixth in 2007. He's quick enough and a sound enough tackler to aid in run support, plus an aggressive and fearless hitter.

Landry is an example of a young player who's great now and a superstar to be. He's expensive, five years 41.5 million, but there's not another safety in football that has his potential. Besides, he'd be replacing Brian Russell. With Landry, Seattle would have a legendary defense.