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Ken Whisenhunt Asks you to Define "Define"

As in, "define concussion".

Will Carroll isn't universally respected, but I like someone who believes something and swings hard.

Ken Whisenhunt said on Monday that he wasn't sure if Anquan Boldin had suffered a concussion. Someone please buy him a clue, because there's no clearer sign of a concussion than a loss of consciousness. Boldin gave the classic sign of that, the "locked arms," as he fell to the turf on a frightening hit that rang out into the tunnel late in Sunday's game. My pal Jenn Sterger, who works for the Jets, said it sounded like a gunshot and Boldin went down about as hard. Not only did he take a pair of hits, one to his helmet, he also went stiff into the hard Meadowlands turf, getting a bit of a head whip. Boldin will be fine in the long term, though he continues to undergo tests and is being watched closely. If Whisenhunt doesn't know that was a concussion and if the NFL is going to allow him to play word games, he's putting his players in danger and should be removed. Yes, I'm serious. (It's also important to note that the NFL is taking this seriously, fining Eric Smith and suspending him a game for the head-on hit.)

I'm as much a believer as anyone (well not anyone) in playing tough and that hurting yourself and sacrificing your body is part of the NFL, but this is a man's brain and you don't play through brain pain. Anquan Boldin is a play-tough knucklehead that I'm sure will fight his way back on the field, and by the sounds of it, his coach is just as fool-brave. This will end badly. That ending won't be today or this season, but twenty years from now when new beat reporters are reporting newly beatup new players and Bolden is babbling somewhere. Probably TV.

Anyway, I read the Black & Blue looking for info on Deion Branch. Branch's capabilities, something I'm woefully unqualified to project, are a huge story and I've yet to read anything illuminating on how he will play or how much he will play.