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Hawks @ Bills Game Preview by Doug Farrar

Doug Farrar will be contributing game previews this season for the Seattle Times. You can find his first here. Before I move on, this line kills me.

They're the folks that predicted a precipitous drop in Shaun Alexander's production after the Super Bowl season, the ones who pointed out that all the numbers pointed against a bounce-back season in 2007 and the guys who found that it would be a minor miracle if Marcus Pollard could contribute given his age.

So that would make them 1 for 3?

Anyway, Doug is the man and it's good to see something smart penetrating the mainstream. Now, I have my quibbles with a LOT of this, paramount that this article is essentially comparing last year's Seahawks with last year's Bills. But that's okay. I'll exorcise my quibbles in this afternoon's Statapalooza - The Return!