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Game Thread: Seahawks @ Bills 2

First Half Cap:

Seattle is winning important matchups but is losing badly on play calling. Second half adjustment will decide this game.

Mike Holmgren must anticipate blitzes. The Bills have gotten free defenders with ease and working from a lead, have little reason not to continue blitzing. The adjustments are simple. First, keep Julius Jones in on most touches. Morris has been largely responsible for allowing two separate sacks on Hasselback and has not progresses in his blitz recognition. Get John Carlson more involved over the middle. Keeping a tight end in is a natural blitz retarder and, today, Carlson is Seattle's most consistent receiver. Further, Poz has not shown good recognition in coverage and with Whitner playing close, Seattle needs to attack the deep-middle. Draws, outside runs and screens must be involved in a healthy 2nd half attack. Seattle must stop ineffectually pounding the middle.

The defense is keeping Seattle in this. The front four is getting excellent pressure. Seattle has shied away from blitzing, and I think that's the right read. Trust the defense, it can't help the field position that the offense and special teams have burdened it with. Bryant needs more looks at the 3. Though limited and rough, the team cannot afford Craig Terrill seeing so many snaps, especially not in the second half, when the Bills will look to run often and unrelentingly.

Seattle has played very poorly. They look uncoordinated and sloppy, but they are winning the talent game - mostly. Again, adjustments decide this game.