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Quick Cap: Bills 34 - Seahawks 10

I'm not the smartest guy in the world. I sure as shit ain't anything else. And when you kinda suck, you bust your ass `cause that's all you got. That's what no one can give you and no one can take away.

But when you're talented, and skilled, and deep and you've sailed atop your success wondering why no one notices you - you're my enemy. You're the scum of the earth.

I hope that's exactly how Seattle feels right now. Like the worst Goddamn team in the NFL, because it's going to take the determination of the born loser to recover from this utterly shameful performance.

One unit showed today - and GODDAMN RIGHT they were still laying hits in the 4th. Seattle's defense is fine. Good job, you're excused.

Seattle's offense deserves the three headed rancor of Mike Ditka, Vince Lombardi and Joe Paterno. To be so easily solved by the simplest and oldest tactic in the defensive playbook, the blitz, and to not make adjustments until game over in the fourth quarter is proof of lax preparation and an attitude of defeat. Let's face it, once again Mike Holmgren was overmatched and outcoached by a young defensive coordinator. Watching Buffalo's defense stand and mill about the line presnap and Seattle incapable of responding, it was Pittsburgh all over again. Modern tactics defusing a now ancient offense.

But it was special teams that lost today's game. My expert analysis: I think firing Bruce DeHaven is perfectly justifiable. Should Seattle and will it fix their special teams? Probably not. Probably. But all the long snappers in the world can't fix bad angles on coverage, complete obliviousness on a Pop Warner fake field goal, and stupid, greedy, game deciding return play. Josh Wilson returned the ball like he could win it all with another five yards.

And yet...

I'm not the least discouraged about this team. I know they are better than this. And I believe, Goddammit I have to believe, that every ounce of arrogance and entitlement just got beat out of them. And come next Sunday they will play as hard as the worst team in football.