Nate Burleson Out For Season

Our shallow end just turned into a wading pool as far as WR depth is concerned. This sucks somethin awful. I was rooting hard for him this season, as he is O'Dea's NFL representative.

This is a crushing kick in the nuts to a team that already has a contorted testicle. That early bye is looking better and better.

I hope that Bobby and Deion aren't rushed back too quickly and reinjured. Those young'uns reaallly need to show up this weekend.

Update by John Morgan: No way to twist this into anything good, but I will say I never saw Seattle's offense really relying on Burleson. He's proven himself an inconsistent receiver overvalued for his athleticism and after Sunday, he looked to be the same player in 2008. The question of who steps up is oderous. I want to say Courtney Taylor, and one game hasn't broken my faith in the guy, but the player aside Taylor, Jordan Kent?, is a damn scary prospect indeed. Seattle's overall talent at wide receiver has truly hit the redline.